ilhamAlyattes Organic Farm is placed right next to the Marmara Lake, 5 kms north of the ancient capital city of Lydia, Sardis. (BC 900-400) We are in between the mausoleums of Lydian kings Alyattes (69m.) and Gyges(51m).

Our brand is named after the richest king of antiquity, Croesus’s father Alyattes, who was also one of the longest reigning kings in the history of mankind.

It was Alyattes, in fact, who established the famous treasury and richness of the Lydian Kingdom. He ruled a very fertile land in the Western part of Anatolia, which gave birth to lush olives, grains and fruit and vegetables all year round. The Pactalos River also brought gold from a nearby mountain, the Tumulus. Lydian Kingdom’s epic treasure and vast richness was thus established in his father Alyattes’ reign, leaving Croesus one of the most sought after lands in antiquity.

Today, we try to bring you the best olives and olive oil grown in a natural and organic environment by combining modern technology with classical farming methods in these antique lands.