Alyattes organic farm constitutes of 335 decares of land protected by barbed wire. We purchased the land in the year 2000 and prepared it for olive farming, planting our first olive trees in January 2001. As of now, we have 9,000 olive trees between the age of 9-14. With our drip water system, we water our plants depending on the yearly rainfall and how much watering their specific kind need.

Our trees by their type

Trilye (black olive): 7000
Ayvalık: 150
Domat: 1400
Tekir: 100
Memecik: 100
Collection trees: 250 (assorted local and global breeds.)



All of our delicious green and black olives are produced organically under ideal conditions at our farm. The western Anatolian landscape provides a perfect climate for our olives, which grow into being think skinned, fleshy and with small seeds.

We let our green olives rest in unsalted water before placing them in water with %4 salt.


Cold pressing is the key to the delicious taste of our golden olive oils. Made from the finest organic olives from our very own farm, Alyattes Organic Olive Oil is a real culinary delicacy.

We broke a record by producing the lowest measured acidity in a Turkish olive oil: 0,08%. It is even below the 0,1 level of oleic acids.

Click to see our acidity lab results.

Our olive oils are dark-golden green, clear with an intense fruity and thyme flavor. Moreover, it is truly exceptional with its low acidity and peroxide levels.

We never mix oils from two different kinds of olives. Our olive oils are always like “single malt whiskey”- never mixed with another.
Our bottled olive oils have a maximum of 0.4 acidity level.

Why is low acidity better in olive oils?
Low acidic olive oils contain significantly higher antioxidant levels than regular olive oils. Low acidity can only be achieved through high quality maintenance of the olive trees and carefully organic farming. It also adds a delicate taste to your dishes. Try adding it cold on salads and pasta for a finer taste.