Until the 1970’s, most of the crop production in Turkey was organic. In the last 45 years, this was compromised in the name of producing more and more crops per year. Pesticides, chemical manure and GMOs were introduced in order to maximize agricultural production.

Unlike some countries, the EU is subsidizing great amounts of money in order to promote natural and organic agriculture. When we first started in 2000, this was our dream to “go back to basics” in Turkish farming, which is one of the most prolific and richest agricultural societies in the world. Through our farming and work, we aim to promote organic farming and a solid group of its advocates, since it is not only healthier for individuals, but also better for the environment itself.

All of our organic facilities and production is tested, reviewed and supervised by the Italian firm ICEA, which also provides our certificate under EU standards. On the other hand, as per the law, Manisa District Agricultural Office and Salihli Township Agricultural Office also monitors our production activities.



Our founder Dr. M. Reşat Akkan was born in Salihli, where the Alyattes farm is. He grew up surrounded by olive trees, witnessing the massacre of olive trees in the massive population boost of this small city.

He taught marketing in universities such as Ege, METU and SUNY Buffalo, followed by 20 years in private sector companies such as Efes Pilsen, Turyağ, ITT Bilka, RJ Reynolds and  Sara Lee in high ranking positions.